5K Trainer & Run Keeper

Start training for your 5K

Get off the couch and join the millions who’ve finished their first 5K!

Wunderun is the first 2-in-1 C25K Trainer and Run Tracker for your iPhone and Apple Watch!


Wunderun’s training program is specifically designed to help new runners train for a 5K in just 9 weeks.

Seamlessly track calories, distance, and pace with the run keeper.

Work out to your favorite music or train with the personal audio coach.

Everything you need to start training today:

  • C25K Training Program
  • GPS Run Tracker
  • Apple Watch Workout Companion
  • Personal Audio Coach
  • Playlist and Music Integration

Wunderun in action

Success Stories

Wunderun helped me train for my 5K! I didn’t know how to start training but Wunderun guided me through the weeks. Now i’m one week away from my 5k and I feel great and ready!

Sam Benson

Beginner 5K runner

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